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*It's not either/or it's all this and more!*

              ~Priscilla Hudson~

Hello and Welcome—


Life is a process of discovery, of patterns and potentials that cause us to rise to be all that we can be, or fall as a result of our lack of awareness and choices made.


This is about recognizing the patterns and consciously molding the potential to what is preferred. Taking personal responsibility for our place, expression, and experience in the world. This is about being consciously sovereign.


To do so requires a relationship with the Divine, That which gives life and form to Everything. 


On these pages you will see how it is my intention to honor that connection with the Divine and with that, share my process with you. 


This I know to be True:  Love is all that matters. Everything else is just a call for Love even when it’s not recognized. My intention is to be Love consciously and Love honors Truth.❤️


So welcome! Join me in choosing to live a life well-lived, heart-centered, and authentic, a choice that is made in every moment of every day. 


With Love, always with love!



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